Bloodhound books 2: Doubles, Shadows, and Cannibals

I have written before about what I call bloodhound books: books that collect together large numbers of clues pertaining to the Mysteries.  I call them bloodhound books because, like a bloodhound, they have a very well-developed nose for magic, but they do not necessarily view their content from a magical point of view.  A bloodhound can track … Continue reading “Bloodhound books 2: Doubles, Shadows, and Cannibals”

New Mysteries for Old

When Josephine suggested that I write an Egyptian reference book for magicians, one thing she particularly wanted me to cover was the development…and degeneration…of Egyptian magical knowledge through time. I have yet to reach a point where I can start writing that chapter, but I have already found some very interesting things in my research … Continue reading “New Mysteries for Old”

How to bleach linen: a Theosophist ‘explains’ Egyptian mythology

On a bookshelf in my home there are two books by G. A. Gaskell.  One is called A Dictionary of all Scriptures and Myths, and the other Egyptian Scriptures Interpreted.  In them G. A. Gaskell fits various myths into the Theosophist worldview. Egyptian Scriptures Interpreted will be the focus of this post. I really, really … Continue reading “How to bleach linen: a Theosophist ‘explains’ Egyptian mythology”