Memory, Medieval Bestiaries, and the Gates

What follows is speculative, but if you’re up for a bit of a ramble, you might find this post quite fun. You will, of course, be familiar with the old trope that in Egyptian art, everyone looks like everybody else, and that the only way of telling one person apart from another is to look … Continue reading “Memory, Medieval Bestiaries, and the Gates”

Introducing: The Book of Gates

About a month before we were due to finish the massive project that was the Quareia course, Josephine and I started chatting about what we might do after it was all done. She was just starting work on writing the final module, and I was about a module behind that in my copyediting. Now, a … Continue reading “Introducing: The Book of Gates”

Hands-on with your innards

The [right arm and hand] of this Meryre is that of the western [ba, as] he emerges [and ascends to the sky. The left arm and hand] of Pepi is that of the eastern ba, as he emerges and ascends to the sky. . . This Meryre’s lower legs are those of the two bas … Continue reading “Hands-on with your innards”

Let’s Learn Hieroglyphs 3: Bag your Biliterals

So you’ve got your textbook and have memorized your monoliterals and the order in which they appear in the Egyptian alphabet.  Now it’s time to tackle the steepest part of the first mountain to climb when learning Egyptian: memorizing those tricky biliterals. This is the mountain faced with which many give up.  It took me … Continue reading “Let’s Learn Hieroglyphs 3: Bag your Biliterals”

Let’s Learn Hieroglyphs 2: Memorize the Monoliterals

So you’ve got your textbook and have reached the point where you have to start memorizing signs.  In this post we will learn together the monoliterals, and the order of the alphabet used in dictionaries of Ancient Egyptian.  To do this we will use two different mnemonic techniques which you can adapt for many different … Continue reading “Let’s Learn Hieroglyphs 2: Memorize the Monoliterals”