Hands-on with your innards

The [right arm and hand] of this Meryre is that of the western [ba, as] he emerges [and ascends to the sky. The left arm and hand] of Pepi is that of the eastern ba, as he emerges and ascends to the sky. . . This Meryre’s lower legs are those of the two bas … Continue reading “Hands-on with your innards”

How to bleach linen: a Theosophist ‘explains’ Egyptian mythology

On a bookshelf in my home there are two books by G. A. Gaskell.  One is called A Dictionary of all Scriptures and Myths, and the other Egyptian Scriptures Interpreted.  In them G. A. Gaskell fits various myths into the Theosophist worldview. Egyptian Scriptures Interpreted will be the focus of this post. I really, really … Continue reading “How to bleach linen: a Theosophist ‘explains’ Egyptian mythology”

Faulknerese: a mild case of traduttore, traditore

When you delve into the subject of Egyptian magic, you very quickly discover how much you must rely on translations of primary sources.  Almost as quickly you discover how much those translations differ depending on their age and the translator’s worldview. E. A. Wallis Budge, for example, did not have the advantage of our modern … Continue reading “Faulknerese: a mild case of traduttore, traditore”

Utterances, forces, and beings in Egyptian magic

As I research my book I have been struck by the extent to which the Ancient Egyptians personified forces as beings, and depersonified beings as utterances.  Have a look, for example, at this description from Coffin Text Spell 261: I am he whom the Sole Lord made before there came into being the two meals … Continue reading “Utterances, forces, and beings in Egyptian magic”